What Brand Agencies Do: Must-Have Branding Services
What Brand Agencies Do: Must-Have Branding Services

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, working with an experienced branding agency is one of the smartest moves you can make. But what does a branding agency do, exactly? Before you choose an agency to work with, it helps to know what kind of services you can expect and how those services will better your brand in the long run.

Creating and Launching Brands

For many clients, branding agencies focus their work on getting an entirely new brand off the ground. This is one of the best strategies for getting a new business on the path to success from the get-go. A branding agency will help to make sure your messaging and visual branding are cohesive and effective. But more than that, they’ll be able to position you as a strong contender in the marketplace and differentiate you from your competitors.

Some of the most common branding agency services for creating and launching new brands include:



Branding agencies aren’t only useful for new businesses. They’re also capable of helping you take an existing business to the next level. What brand agencies do in this kind of situation is called rebranding. If a brand’s identity has become outdated and needs a refresh, the agency can complete the rebranding process to make sure the brand feels relevant and timely.

Other factors which may signal that it’s time for a rebrand include:


Brand Audits

Not sure if your current brand needs an update? Branding agencies can help with that, too. By conducting a brand audit, an agency can evaluate your position in the marketplace and determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. A good branding agency will have the research and analytics tools needed to complete this step. After your audit is complete, the branding agency will come up with an action plan to address any areas that could be improved.

There are three main areas in which a brand audit can be conducted:


A la Carte Services

Typically, comprehensive services like those described above are recommended when working with a branding agency. This helps to ensure better consistency across the board when it comes to your brand.

In certain circumstances, however, businesses really only need one or two services to achieve their branding goals. For example, your brand might be doing great overall, but you need to update your mission statement to be more in line with your current focus. Or perhaps you want a new logo and color palette while keeping the other elements of your brand intact. Many branding agencies offer these types of a la carte services to meet their clients’ needs.

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