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LOS ANGELES: 310-331-8085

SCOTTSDALE:  602-910-4112

In the hotel and hospitality business, your most precious commodity is time. Managing a hotel or travel business requires full-time attention that doesn’t leave much time for marketing and advertising. At Quaintise Hospitality, we help save you time because we have the industry experience and marketing savvy needed to develop campaigns that make your business more successful.

Unlike other marketing and advertising agencies, we understand the unique interests, culture and values of people in the travel and tourism industry. From the start, we take the time get to know your specific audience and carefully develop a hotel and travel marketing campaign designed to reach and engage them. For hotels and tourism companies, this translates to more direct online bookings and increased occupancy.

Experienced Team of Hotel and Hospitality Marketers

Our team of hotel marketing professionals serves our international client base from our offices in Scottsdale and Los Angeles. We have expert communicators, designers and social media authorities who are trained to help support the general managers, investors, realtors and developers of renowned travel and dining destinations. When we become your marketing partner, you benefit from our expertise in hotel and hospitality marketing technology and our relationships with key members of the industry.

Over 10 Years of Global Hotel, Travel and Tourism Experience

Since 2003, we have worked with hotels, tourism organizations, real estate companies and restaurant chains from around the world.

Our founder, Raquel Baldelomar, is the co-founder of Luxury Travel Media,LLC, the publisher of Luxury Travel Magazine. She professionally represented the company to the media, luxury hotels and the tourism community. She also served as the official liaison for hotels that wanted to partner with the magazine. During her career, Raquel has worked with over 200 luxury hotel advertisers around the world and negotiated over 100 national and international advertising contracts with luxury hotels. She is also a published author and columnist for Luxury Travel Magazine.

International Client Roster

Our agency has a client roster of internationally recognized luxury hotels, resorts and developments as well as state tourist boards and national restaurant chains. Our work continually meets the sales, marketing and branding objectives necessary to ensure their success in increasingly competitive markets.

Ready to increase your direct bookings and drive revenue? Contact us today.