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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, Especially if it Promotes Your Venue Effectively

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, Especially if it Promotes Your Venue Effectively

Instagram has definitely taken social media, particularly photo sharing, to a whole new level. With over 200 million monthly active users (March 2014), Instagram has provided users with a platform for sharing their passion in visual context. We recently published an article highlighting the impact that photos have on a consumer’s booking decisions. But taken out of the framework of booking sites and into the context of user-generated-photo-sharing mediums like Pinterest and Instagram, resort, hotel and venue photos can take on a power and influence of their own.

Before we delve into the strategies behind Instagram marketing, take a look at these numbers.

  • 75 million daily Instagram users
  • 200 million monthly active users
  • 25% mobile app user growth from Dec 2013 to May 2014
  • 40% of people respond better to visual information than text
  • More then 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram
  • Average 55 million photos uploaded every single day
  • Instagram’s engagement is 15times that of Facebook’s


Photo-Sharing Marketing Tips

One of the greatest benefits of photo-sharing sites like Instagram is the ability for your fans to advocate for your brand. This brings us to our first tip:

1. Engage Your Audience: Instagram is an ideal medium for enabling user-generated content. Use Instagram to develop your digital brand visually, through the eyes of your audience. Encourage guests to post photos of their vacation using your resort as the backdrop. Invite guests to share their experiences visually, connecting with other guests and developing an insider community where guests become Fans and advocates.

Engaging your audience visually can be as simple as running photo contests or using hashtags. Provide Fans with insider information and motivate them to share visual ideas. Some of the greatest Instagram resort brands connect with their target audience by publishing inspiring, emotional and stimulating photos that, without words, invites others to do the same.

Successful Brands on Instagram

The Four Seasons has just short of 70,000 Followers on Instagram and is one of the most engaged and successful resort chains to grace this photo-sharing platform. With some of the most beautiful images you’ll find on Instagram featuring resort locations, food, activities and more, The Four Seasons has also successfully created a hashtag for all its brand advocates. By using #FSFotog, Four Seasons Fans can promote their favorite resort location with travel and vacation photos.

Hospitality Social Media Marketing

2. Highlight Your Destination: While you want to give power to your audience to advocate for your brand, you also need to do your part to promote your destination. While your resort might offer award-winning foods and spa, your audience wants to know what’s around your resort. What type of activities and attractions are located near your resort? How can you utilize what surrounds your resort to encourage and peak interest?

While booking websites are chalk full of stunning photos of your resort, or at least they should be, platforms like Instagram offer your brand a step outside of your resort to the aspects surrounding your resort that help drive sales.

Successful Brands on Instagram

NH Hotel Group might not have as many followers as the Four Seasons, but their stunning photos and audience engagement should be inspiring to any resort chain looking to grow on Instagram. With the hastag #WakeUpPics!, NH Hotel Group encouraged all Fans across all platforms to share their wake up moment on Instagram. The campaign was a huge success.

Hospitality Social Media Marketing

3. Research the Competition: It’s always best to know what your competition is up to. Know what hashtags the competition is using and why. Learn to appreciate the intricacies of their photos that seem to peak audience engagement. Are there certain filters and photo editing techniques that seem to work better then others?

Successful Brands on Instagram

W Hotels has over 67,000 Instagram Followers and engages their audience with the hashtag #whotels. Just in the past month, W Hotels have increased their Instagram fan base by 5% by not only posting photos of their resort, but photos of events their resorts host as well as events in neighboring areas. Remember, it’s not always just about your brand.

Hospitality Social Media Marketing

Consider working up a digital marketing plan for 2015 that includes Instagram. This medium will only continue to grow, particularly within the hospitality industry, and we can help.


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